Considering the importance of SEO and the number of changes in ranking factors since it became known what SEO text is, it's not surprising that many myths have accumulated around this concept. We found some useful information on this subject - about the most popular myths.  

1. The more keywords, the better
It is not known for certain whether the search engine will rank the site higher in search if the keyword density is very high. Moreover, the quality of the text also suffers from attempts to enter more keywords, because sometimes they are absolutely "not humanly" formulated, and there is also such a thing as overspam.

10 years ago, when SEO / marketer was just getting started, perhaps the more keywords the better technique might have worked. But today it is worth paying attention to something else. First, the keyword should appear in the title and SEO-title of the page, be present in one of the subheadings. And it is desirable to organically enter a few more words in the text.

2. Longer texts will always work better
For some queries, search engines do prefer to rank longer pages and texts, but this is not a rule of thumb. Moreover, this does not mean that it is necessary to squeeze each page to the maximum, filling the text with "water". For example, a product page should certainly not contain 10,000 characters.

You can display indications of the optimal number of words in the text for promoting an e-commerce site. For a blog page, this can be 400 words or more. For a product category page - 200-300 words. And the product description should not be longer than 100-200 words.

3. It is necessary to include anchor text at all costs
Anchor text is a hyperlink that is placed in the text to a relevant article on the site. Ideally, the link text is believed to match the URL link, and this forces SEO copywriters to specifically write phrases in the text in order to comply with this rule, which often looks awkward.

If you are working with an e-commerce site, it is better to focus on ensuring that the linked text matches the concept of a quality call to action and attracts the customer to take this action.

4. It is important to place long SEO text on the section page
Many sites, especially in the retail sector, include text in their section pages that are hidden at the bottom of the page. Smart Insights expert believes that today it is a waste of time and budget if in this text you do not say anything important for the client, but simply made it with a set of keywords. It is better to turn the text into a concise and succinct content of the page or app and place it at the top, complementing the navigation links.

5. Duplication of content and quotes - prohibited
As in any business, it is important to do everything in moderation. And if in the text you want to place a quote or an excerpt from an expert's article, the technical characteristics of a product from the manufacturer's website, then do it. Of course, this does not mean that you can copy entire paragraphs of text from other sites. It will get you in trouble.