An RuneScape Ironman fantasy for an early chest

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You might wanna consider turning on drop notifications (you'll see it on RS gold other posts, it is the red text which tells you how much your drop is worth) This way if you ever receive a drop over a certain value it tells you you don't miss it. Pretty sure I have that but as it is a runelite screenshot it doesn't show it. Old into OSRS. This is a king barrows chest. Full armor in 1.

That's so unsatisfactory with 3 items lol. But still rare and cool. Glad this happened to somebody new. Rough math: 1/15 odds for one bit, chances of a double chest chest: 1 in ~3375. Pretty cool! Yeah, it's because you can not get dupes, makes obtaining pieces harder with every succeeding piece.

Keep in mind that the building contracts was just polled a few weeks leading up to its release, yet they got it completed and released in under a month. We still have articles declared years ago that just keep getting delayed. To be reasonable and please don't mistaken this comment as me defending Jagex's flaws in any fashion, the development resources and time for OSRS content is a lot more economical and easier to manage than the dev time and resources required for RS3.

Now that having been said, it will not function as a justification into the RS3 Dev team! Especially considering they are making enough profits through MTX and are well equipped to produce content on a balanced basis. My biggest problem is the real game material keeps getting postponed, but do you believe they ever delay MTX promos? Not a chance.

Exactly why I don't give them a justification for it. If they're in a position to OSRS Gold For Sale setup a live ops team that is devoted to creating MTX related articles and delivering stated content in a time, why can not they upscale their center content team to supply the same level of content whilst keeping it inside the ETAs they mention to us. A lot of times I feel as if Jagex is a indie dev studio but that would be an insult to the amazing work even indie dev studios are able to dish out.