Babies Wodumo takes us through where it all started talking about Mampinstha , Drug Rumours and more

Ndi Zwatshitangani
Published on 05 Mar 2021 / In People & Blogs

Babies Wodumo takes us through how the song Wololo came about on the podcast on chill with Mac G.She even explained the lyrics and where the beef with TDK comes from. She explains the impact she brought to Gqmo music and how she made more people fall in love with it.

She looks back to how she could have saved and lived differently if she was prepared for the fame. This is because she didn't pay her first dancers which lead to them living her for Andile Mpisane. She spent money on booze and waves. The PR team tried to help her but she didn't understand why they want her to do things differently but she didn't understand because she was young.

Babes goes on to explain how she lived the best life while performing on Samas , Metro. The sad part was when she explains the way how she was left behind ⁣for Black Panthers, and a lot more

She said she used to make about a million a weekend. Looking back to the great gigs she performed she mentioned that Mamas and Fillup is one of the great shows she has performed.

The first time parents saw her perform for the first time and they were shocked and being the daughter of a pastor she was expected to be the good girl but she wanted to live her own life and having fun was being out there.

She met Mampintsha during a video shoot where she was a video Vixen as she was hustling as a model, promoter and she was about 16 or 17 years. He got her number from a friend and she didn't want him but through communication when he calls her she ends up developing feelings for him.

It has been 10 years since they started dating so Mampintsha and Babes' wedding is about to happen soon and it will be on show max. Mag G asked what she loves about Mampintsha and she said he his funny and he has love and loves her so much that you end up forgetting his wrongs.

Between her and Maschaba she is not sure if they are ok because during the interview she did with ⁣Maschaba she was emotionally broken at the time and she didn't like how ⁣Maschaba took the issue on air instead of talking to her off-air as an older sister.

She responded to those who say she is washed off. She explained that in the industry she has learned a lot and she hates how Durban artists hate each other and don't support each other while artists from Johannesburg support each other.

She has done a piano song with Kamu and will be dropping soon.

She addressed the issue of a live video where news that she took drugs.

Looking at the reality show with Jubjub she explained that it was meant to make her look bad and Mampinthsa looks good and that is why they go the show canceled.

Watch the video for More

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